Upgrading and Downgrading Premium Membership Subscriptions.

If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your premium membership, head over to your membership portal and select the Change plan button. If you do not see the Change plan button, follow the directions based on the buttons you see below:

“Add card to turn on auto-renew” button

  1. Select the button to add a new payment method.
  2. Go back to the subscriptions page and select the Turn on auto-renew button.
  3. Select the Change plan button and follow the instructions.

“Turn on auto-renew” button

  1. Select the Turn on auto-renew button
  2. Select the Change plan button.

NOTE: If you do not go through this channel of upgrading and downgrading your premium membership, you may receive a duplicate charge in your membership portal. Per our policy, we do not offer membership refunds for errors that are not made by a member of our team.