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Hi, I’m Yash and I’m a Sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in Economics with a minor in Psychology. I currently work mainly as a trader while balancing it with my school life. I have been trading for around 2 years but have spent countless hours outside of market hours backtesting all my strategies to get to my current level.

It’s been a journey for me to get to the level I have reached from being a high school student with minimal funds to being able to live off trading success. I strive to show others how if a full-time college student can successfully trade, anyone can!

I specialize in trading the $SPY ticker and also in growing small accounts. This is based on my own experience and how I’ve used my strategies to grow a sub $2,500 account to a point where I can keep trading as my main source of income. These strategies include ideas involving proper risk management and realistic approaches to how one should work on growing a small account.

I have, at this time, taught over 100 students all of which are now profitable trades.

Topics I can cover:

  1. Technical Analysis
    • Charting
      • The basics like support and resistance levels and patterns.
  2. Management
    • Risk Management
      • When to trigger a stop loss and when to take profit.
  3. Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
      • Methods I’ve back-tested myself, in addition, to helping shape your trading style with the use of indicators and more.
    • Rules of Behavior
      • Controlling emotions.

Additional information

Topics for Mentorship

Charting, Personal Strategies, Risk Management, Rules of Behavior

5 reviews for $Yash 1:1 Mentorship

  1. Ramanathan Narayanan

    Yash’s 1-1 class was very useful. Thanks for explaining all my queries with patience .I got confidence and learnt about position sizing (Risk mgmt calc),how not to paperhand,how to deal with Averaging problem,How many trades i can take for my account size,how to read basic chart to trim /target and many more.
    Yash is very nice person with lot of patience explaining to all queries .

  2. Wei

    Have attended one-on-one with Yash and really enjoyed the class. It is so much easier to ask an expert questions than learning from youtube and he will answer you clearly before moving on to the next question or topic. I personally have discovered some missing links in the way I do my trading during his class and have gained confidence to level up my trading skill 🙂

  3. Connor Rosas

    Yash is the guy you want to go to for a 1 on 1. He is very knowledgeable and will tell you everything you need to know to be successful! He’s also a really nice and understanding guy so ask him anything and he can help!

  4. kclb_808

    I did my session w/ Yash awhile back. He made things simple and easy to understand. You can ask any ? and don’t feel uncomfortable @ all. I’ve been humbled before so I’m glad I made the effort to learn from him. I still have a long way to go but I’m excited to learn more.

  5. OrlandoL

    Yash’s one on one sessions are a great value. In a short amount of time, he simplifies the basics and gives you a strong foundation to build your knowledge and skills. I am looking forward to more sessions with him to fine tune risk management and work on the psychology of trading.

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