🎯 Day Trading with Cube.

Trader Types

Full and part time day traders who use the thinkorswim® or Tastyworks trading platform.

Trading Styles

Momentum trader, technical analysis, scalper that focuses on breakout patterns, and short-term swings.

You Will Learn

Scalp trading, risk-reward management, scaling in and out, chart patterns, technical indicators, and setups.

Option Strategies

Selling premium, vertical spreads, butterflies, iron condors, and back ratios.

Hedging Strategies

Preserve profits in your long-term portfolio.

Cube’s Background.

  • Options and futures full-time trader.
  • 6+ years experience in technical analysis.
  • 20+ years experience in several industries (Green Energy, Facility Management, Heavy Machinery, and Telecommunications).
  • Real Estate Investor.

VIP Room - What to Expect.

  • For intermediate to senior level traders.
  • Understand risk management before trading with Cube.
  • Exits may not be provided at all times.

Alerts (included in Gold tier).

  • Consistent 20% to 100% scalp alerts.
  • Live trading stream for VIP Room members.
  • Exclusive alerts for VIP Room members.

VIP Room - What You'll Learn.

  • Becoming self-sustainable when finding your own trades.
  • Create strategies for each scenario (when to enter a trade).
  • Develop a profitable risk and reward methodology (when to exit a trade).
  • Greeks, gamma levels, and internal market indicators (becoming aware of the macro-environment).
  • Future and options trading strategies.