🐼 Scalping with Alex.

Trader Types

Great for traders who want to learn how to scalp and make money in the markets fast.

Great For

Day traders and scalpers who desire live support during trading hours.

You Will Learn

Reasoning behind each trade and how to become a sniper in the markets.

Available in Gold Tier

Some of his daily trading plans and trade alerts are available in the Gold tier channels.

Consistent Daily Win Rates

Became profitable with a daily win rate of 90% to 100% through numerous backtesting strategies.

Alex's Background.

  • Based in Singapore.
  • Full-time bodybuilding and fitness coach by day, a full-time trader by night.
  • Fun fact: 7x champion in various international body-building contests.

VIP Room - What to Expect.

  • Daily trading plan of 6 to 8 stocks with a high probability set-up.
  • Trigger levels and profit targets that are suitable for independent traders.
  • Ideas on pre-breakout setup and entries.
  • Daily live voice stream from open to close market providing trade ideas and walkthrough.
  • Group mentorship environment.
  • Re-cap and guidance on existing trades.

Alerts (included in Gold tier).

  • Daily trading plan of 3 to 4 stocks (available in full when subscribed to Panda VIP).
  • Selected trade alerts in Gold tier channels.
  • Intra-day alerts and ideas on pre-breakout setup and entries.

VIP Room - What You'll Learn.

  • How you can become a sniper in the markets.
  • The reasoning behind each trade.
  • Technical analysis and psychology behind price action.
  • How to achieve a high win rate of more than 80%.
  • Be able to predict where are the next possible reversal point and profit target.