Not Getting Notifications for Trade Alerts, Targeted Alerts, or Notable Alerts.

Before you panic, there may be several reasons why a notification doesn’t appear, and usually, this issue is resolvable by yourself. The known reasons listed below are:

1. Recently Upgraded or Downgraded Your Premium Membership

If you have lost your alert notifications after upgrading or downgrading your premium membership, you will need to re-assign yourself to those notifications in the #🔔sub-premium-alerts channel. This channel is located inside the 👇🏻 GETTING STARTED 👇🏻 category.

If you have previously reacted to the reaction, you may un-react and then react to the reaction again. This forces Discord to re-register your alert roles.

2. You were not properly assigned the alert role

From time to time, system hiccups will occur (especially when a lot of members add the same alert role as you), and some members will get the alert role while others will not.

If this issue does not quickly resolve by itself, please:

  1. Restart your Discord client.
  2. Wait approximately 10 minutes for Discord to register your device.

3. Discord notifications are off

Setting up system notifications is one of the most daunting tasks to do. You may wonder, could it be the settings on my phone, the settings on Discord, or even the settings on each Discord server?! Fret not, here are the links below on how you can manage Discord notifications: