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Learn, trade, invest, network, and have fun in Low Key Stonks! We are a Discord community that aims to help you stay updated with the ever-changing markets. Novice to experienced traders, all are welcomed!

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Learn Real-Life Skills Online

Learn from more than 20 analysts on how to make an informed and well risk-managed trade.


Attend Exclusive Workshops

Join us in market recaps, streaming sessions, and get the opportunity to learn from our market analysts.


Connect with Self-Starters

Network and get career advice from diverse individuals and industry professionals around the world.


Change Your Financial Future

Get a head start on your personal finance education and stay in tune with the world.

Stay updated
with the market

Our #🗣market-chat and #👉🏻trading-floor activity is 24/7, and a community lookout for everything that’s going on in the stock market – over 3k daily active users with over 10k in daily message volume. Learn more about our expert analysts.

Quality Trade Signals

Use our trade alerts as another avenue of guidance. Figure out what type of trader you are by following our 10+ analysts exclusive to LKS. Our market analysts will post their trade ideas (both short-term and long-term). Check out our track record.

Why choose us

LKS values education over profit. We want to help bridge the gap between newbies and experienced traders. Each member that joins us becomes a part of the #LKSfam. Our mission is to help you avoid as many mistakes as possible during your trading and investing journey!

  • 50x Chatrooms
  • Ask an Expert
  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Weekly DDs
  • Stock & Futures Analysis
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Pre-Market Plans and Watchlist
  • Trading Stream and Workshops
  • Ai Bot tools

Trading is better with the LKS family

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Many experienced traders (stocks and crypto) are on the server to help answer any questions.

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Network with your local LKS community. Hiring opportunities are available! Did you know? 9% of LKS are from Canada!

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70% of our members are between the ages of 25 and 35. Though everyone seems to vibe no matter the age!

From the LKS Community

Testimonials from our very own members!

The LKS Team gives amazing live callouts

“I joined this Discord pretty much right when it started and have learned so much in the month or so I’ve been here! When I joined, I had some knowledge of stock trading but knew nothing about options. By watching everyone’s plays and talking about them with others in the Discord, I’ve started trading options myself and am up about 20% all time. The LKS team gives amazing live call-outs that average about 50-200% in return. Without this Discord, I’d be totally lost – thanks for giving me the tools I needed to start making money!”

Lauren M.

There are very experienced traders in the group

“My background is in finance and economics, but I never really had a place to communicate with like-minded people. Seeing people discuss the plays I was considering making is a relief. They are very experienced traders in this group as well contributing their knowledge and time to the community – I appreciate having this group. It’s nice to read the posts and see how supportive everyone is in the pursuit of profit”

N. Wright

The LKS Staff are smart, organized, and helpful

”I’m a senior trader with 20 years of trading experience with stocks and options. I won’t talk specifically about their alerts here – but they’ve been spot on with quite a few of them. I love helping other newer traders and really believe in the mission that LKS is executing here. They are smart, organized, and helpful and all of them have a keen and unique ability to make investing accessible to a whole new generation of investors. The value they provide is really impressive (hot lists, chart analysis, premium alerts, boot camps, etc) – you really won’t find a better bang for your buck. I’ve seen Discords charging $100+ a month for access to their alerts. These folks put the mission and education first – and have fun while making us money. I look forward to being part of this community. LKS FTW!”

Robert C.

LKS Team truly cares about their members

“I joined LKS in September and wanted to take the time to write a proper testimony. I found out about LKS through Instagram and decided to join. I looked at the memberships available and decided to go big or go home. Signed up for premium on day one and never looked back. I have some experience knowing about long-term investing, swing trading, and options. Though I really wanted to find out how futures went. There is very little information out there on how trading futures work along with strategy. Eric helped me out the other day by giving me a brief overview of how the crypto trading world goes. I also want to recognize moderators who have helped explain to me how some of these different trading terms and abbreviations work. Not going to lie, when I first saw some of these calls that were being made I had no clue what the abbreviations were. Last but not least, I want to thank Angela. She helped me, a total stranger that she never met before, on how the small business start-up process goes. She went over with me how inventory, shipping, sales, revenue, and marketing strategies were to help with my restaurant. I believe all two of these founders and the moderators are genuine people that care for every member of this Discord. They are there for you whether it’s stock market related or non-stock market related. They may not know this, but they really helped my life turn around from being a broke person in debt to being a trader that thinks about every move he makes rather than going into trading emotionally.”


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