Our Market Analysts.


Crypto trader and long-term investor. Specializes in fundamental analysis, decentralized and corporate finance. From 🇺🇸 United States.

  • Finance and accounting background.
  • 5+ years of crypto experience in spot trading, futures, and HODL.
  • 10+ years of stock market experience in options, spreads, and shares.
  • Transitioned to tech consulting, mainly focusing on the biotech and healthcare industry.
  • Fundamental-oriented investing through company and project analysis.
  • Technical-oriented trading through price action, macro sentiment, and on-chain analysis.


Options scalper and day trader. Specializes in technical analysis. From 🇸🇬 Singapore.

  • Trade alerts are given in #🗣market-chat and in #🐼panda-vip.
  • Teach traders how to independently read and study technical analysis levels.
  • A trading plan is given daily.

Options and futures scalper. Specializes in technical analysis. From 🇺🇸 San Antonio, Texas.

  • Often uses intraday 10 minute and hourly charts.
  • Always use a starter-based method when trading and never average down.


Small-caps swing trader and futures trader. Specializes in Wyckoff’s Methodology and Relational Technical Analysis. From 🇺🇸 Essex County, New Jersey.

  • Trading for 8+ years. Full-time husband and father. Part-time analyst and trader.
  • Taught by Martha Stokes. Learned to spot hidden accumulation from “smart money” market participants.
  • Fun fact: I have a boat, car, and motorcycle license. Plan to get a pilot’s license in the not-too-distant future.


Crypto derivatives and spot trader (both swinging and scalping). Specializes in computer science and psychology. From 🇹🇭 Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Technical analysis centric-trading through price action analysis, with macro and sentiment analysis and on-chain data.
  • Believes in slow but steady, long-term compounding growth.
  • Capital preservation is key and stacking little by little works wonders.
  • Alerts are split between spot and futures (derivatives); spot trading is for long-term swings (weeks to months), and futures is for scalps or small swings (hours to weeks).


Swing trader. Specializes in small-cap stocks, penny stocks, and OTCs. From 🇺🇸 Omaha, Nebraska.

  • Part-time trader, an upcoming full-time doctoral student in chemistry with 4+ years of trading.
  • Loves following high momentum stocks through technical analysis and keeping up with OTC filings and reverse mergers.
  • Fun fact: Largest percent return on a swing comes from $ALPP, purchased at $0.04 between 2018-2019, and has since hit above $8 in 2021.

Brick Trades.

Day trader and swing trader. Specializes in technical, fundamental, macroeconomics, spreads, and long-term investments. From 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, California.

  • 70% stop loss. Dip buying maximum 2 times.
  • Swing trades based on catalysts, technical levels, market rotations, and fundamentals.
  • Provides fast stock news, market updates, and due diligence.
  • Small and large caps, penny stocks, blue chips, biotech, SPACs, and IPOs.


Day trader, swing trader, and long-term investor. Specializes in options, spreads, and common shares. From 🇺🇸 Austin, Texas.

  • Big four software engineer turned active trader for 5+ years.
  • Majority of my trades are spreads, with a focus on risk management and higher probability set-ups like debit spreads, credit spreads, and iron condors.
  • Fun fact: I used to be a professional tutor for computer science students and that passion transitioned me to stocks where I ran my own coaching service.


Options day trader. Specializes in volume breakout and momentum trading. From 🇳🇱 The Netherlands.

  • Often trades cheap premiums, based on momentum on the stock.
  • 20% to 30% stop loss. Lottos do not have stop losses.
  • Often posts scaling points, but the following is optional. Recommend taking profits when satisfied.


Swing trader and long-term investor. Specializes in company fundamentals. From 🇺🇸 Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Always set stop losses when doing swing trades in case price action becomes too volatile.
  • If investing in long-term stocks, will continue holding regardless of short-term movements.
  • I focus on SPACs, automobiles, and foreign securities.
  • Fun fact: Avid fan of Formula One, NBA, and traveled to 9 countries!


Swing trader. Specializes in small-cap stocks, mega-cap stocks, some leveraged ETFs, and futures. From 🇨🇦 Ottawa, Canada.

  • Part-time trader, full-time husband, and father.
  • Managing partner of Imperium Specter Group Ltd. which specializes in fast-food restaurants and real-estate acquisitions.
  • Loves following stocks with quiet accumulation patterns through technical analysis.
  • Trading over 7 years and is an avid follower and student of Martha Stokes CMT.
  • Fun fact: Engaged in a business continuity consulting in the banking sector in Canada.

Swing trader and investor. Specializes in fundamental analysis. From 🇺🇸 New Jersey.

  • Part-time trader, full-time student with 4+ years of trading.
  • 5 years of clinical healthcare experience.
  • Fun fact: Loves history as much as fundamental analysis.


Options trader and investor. From 🇺🇸 Orange County, California.

  • Fun fact: Visited 30 countries before the age of 30.


Swing trader and long-term investor. Specializes in tech merger and acquisitions. From 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, California.

  • Deep dive research on fundamental analysis.
  • Stop loss set at 15% on shares and 30% on options.
  • Alerts in the #🌬greedywind-alerts channel.


Investor. Specializes in macroeconomics, fundamental analysis, and decentralized finance. From 🇨🇦 Canada.

  • Part-time trader, full-time employee at a small bank in Treasury Asset and Liability Management with 4+ years in various asset classes.
  • 1+ year in crypto and decentralized finance.


NQ and ES futures trader. Specializes in orderflow. From 🇺🇸 Hawaii.

  • Daily and weekly plans are posted in the #👉🏻trading-floor channel.
  • Active in the #🧬orderflow-futures thread (inside the #💎platinum-floor channel).
  • Levels based on a weekly and daily time frame derived from market profile.
  • Targets and stops vary and are given on a level-by-level basis.


Equity, debt, cryptocurrency investor, and swing trader. Specializes in fundamental analysis within the media. From 🇺🇸 Orange County, California.

  • Knows about technology and telecom, aerospace and defense, and consumer products.
  • Prefer investing over the intermediate to the long-term investment horizon.
  • 4 years as an equity research analyst at Morgan Stanley.
  • 6 years in investment banking, specializing in technology, media, telecom, and merger and acquisitions.
  • Currently, the Head of Leveraged Finance at a $100 billion bank, managing a $1 billion portfolio.
  • Blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency since 2016.


Swing, options, and momentum day trader. Specializes in penny stocks, small-caps, and OTC. From 🇺🇸 Texas.

  • Part-time trader due to active military service within the United States of America.
  • Army for the past 17 years.
  • Trading on and off since 2008, but have been actively day trading for the past 4 years.
  • Alerts in #🎟otc-swings and #🎟otc-stocks from time to time.

King Maker.

Swing trader for stocks and options. Specializes in finance and economics. From 🇺🇸 United States.

  • 6 years of trading experience.
  • Trades are based on momentum and price action. Mostly simple calls and puts options.
  • Never allocate more than 10% of the portfolio to any one position.

Options day and swing trader using technical analysis. Specializes in news and flow. From 🇺🇸 Florida.

  • Trading for 7 years now, almost exclusively trading large-cap stock options.
  • Prefer trading breakouts and using flow for confirmation before and during trades.
  • Ideas posted on #👉🏻trading-floor and #👀premarket-watchlist.

Prof. Satoshi.

Bitcoin and Ethereum options trader. Specializes in finance. From 🇺🇸 New York.

  • Perma student of technicals and chain analysis.
  • Corporate for 6 years in New York finance roles. Started trading crypto in 2013.
  • Manages friends and family crypto investments.
  • Fun fact: Created a TikTok during Covid-19 that somehow got 48k followers.


Swing trader and long-term investor. Specializes in semiconductors, fintech, and the automotive sector. From 🇺🇸 New York.

  • Accounting and auditing background with a physics bachelor’s degree.
  • Previously worked in the luxury automotive business.
  • Fundamental analysis trader with extensive knowledge in tape reading and technical analysis.
  • Predominately an equities investor, with swing-style trading and levels using theses constructed from research and price levels.
  • Fun fact: $NVDA, $AMD, $NFLX, $SQ, and $V are my largest holdings.


Breadth trader. Specializes in Arms Index (TRIN) and breadth trends. From 🇺🇸 Washington, District of Columbia.

  • Mostly uses breadth and moving averages. For individual stocks, mostly using moving averages and/or dark pools.
  • Weakness is trading individual stocks and prefers trading $SPY instead.
  • Likes to scale into trades. Tries to get in for cheaper and waits for the right time before placing one.

Sensei 2.0.

Crypto trader, swing trader, and long-term investor. Specializes in corporate finance. From 🇺🇸 Silicon Valley, California.

  • Trades mainly help provide supplemental income for traveling and retirement.
  • 80% to 90% of my portfolio is in long-term investments (growth-oriented). The remaining 10% are delegated to aggressive trading.
  • Trades often do not stay longer than a few weeks.
  • Most of my alerts can be found in #🚨crypto-alerts.

Options and crypto scalper. Specializes in technical analysis. From 🇺🇸 Clearwater, Florida.

  • 8 years working in strategic operations and technology projects at an investment bank.
  • Currently building trading signals and a trading bot with friends.
  • Does not alert trades, but happy to teach how to use trading signals or provide guidance to new traders on risk management, mindset, and consistency.


Swing trader and investor. Utilizes technical analysis, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and on-chain data to influence decisions. Specializes in crypto and NFT. From 🇺🇸 Los Angeles, California.

  • Full-time technology consultant for a top consulting firm; part-time trader; part-time fund manager.
  • Owner of State of Blocks. A crypto and NFT Alpha Discord group.
  • 5 years of trading experience; Started with trading stocks then moved to crypto.
  • Started a private fund managing crypto assets – focused on emerging large caps.
  • Active in #👉🏻notable-crypto-floor and State of Blocks.


Swing options trader. Specializes in high tech and semiconductors. From 🇺🇸 Silicon Valley, California.

  • 20+ years in trading. Works in corporate finance, serial entrepreneur, a former stockbroker, mergers and acquisitions, and software background.
  • Swings options for income, and invests in long-term for retirement.
  • Trades large-caps, software, high tech. Loves swinging options that cost between 50¢ and $5 dollars.


Equity and crypto swing trader. Specializes in growth stock companies, commodities, crypto trading, and volatility. From 🇺🇸 Dallas, Texas.

  • 13+ years part-time trader, a full-time mechanical engineer within the Oil & Gas sector.
  • Strategy and style consisting of deep-dive research on fundamental analysis, basic technical analysis, momentum, and news.
  • Targets medium to large-cap stocks, but also dabbles in fun, speculative small-cap stocks.
  • Loves trading $UVXY and $VIX, commodities, bears inverse, crypto, and investing in slow and steady stocks.


Options swing trader. Specializes in spreads (vertical, back ratio, risk twist), earnings trades (butterfly, calendar, iron condor), and trades with good risk/reward. From 🇨🇳 China.

  • Pharmacist working in healthcare information technology.
  • Over 2 years experience in options, and 1 year in futures.
  • Full time dad, part-time trader.
  • Trades are based on indicators with some technical analysis.

Options day and swing trader. Specializes in cheap and high return plays. From 🇺🇸 Arizona.

  • Over 2 years of trading experience and have spent several thousands of hours backtesting developed strategies.
  • A computer engineering major looking to get my degree from ASU.
  • Trades are based on flow, breakouts, patterns, levels, and momentum.
  • Loves the idea that everyone is financially able to purchase multiple contracts in order to have the ability to trim and profit.