How to Setup MetaMask.

This guide was initially published by @dmon#8604 as a Google Docs document. During the conversion of this guide,@dmon#8604 is a Team member and Trusted Member in LKS.

For members new to the Defi, Web3 Dapps, and NFTs world, having a crypto wallet and a gateway is an essential utility when interacting with these applications. With MetaMask, you are able to store, send, swap tokens, and additionally, access blockchain apps through a browser extension or a mobile app as well.

As of this writing, MetaMask only supports Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Microsoft’s new Edge browser. MetaMask is also available on iOS and Android.

Getting Started

In this example, I will be using the Google Chrome browser. First, go to the MetaMask website and click the big download button for your browser. Once the extension has been downloaded, a welcome page will open. Click the Get Started button to begin.

You’ll then be faced with an analytics collection page, in which, it is up to your choice if you want to improve the MetaMask experience. MetaMask claims that they will not collect any personal information whatsoever and only collect the usual clicking and pageview events.

Once you have gone past the analytics collection page, you’ll be asked to either import or create a new wallet. Simply click the Create a Wallet button to continue.

MetaMask will then ask you to create a password. Once you have done so, check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Use checkbox then click the Create button.

Now it’s time to create your secret recovery phrase. This phrase is used to protect your wallet and funds, and only to be used by YOU and YOU ONLY. Do not attempt to give this phrase out to anyone, not members of LKS, not MetaMask! Anyone that asks you for this phrase is 100% trying to scam you and steal the funds in your wallet.

Once you have confirmed your secret recovery phrase, the setup is complete. Now you would be able to transfer Ethereum into your MetaMask wallet and begin to explore the world of decentralized apps!

Transferring Coins

To transfer coins, simply copy the wallet address to your clipboard and paste it into an Ethereum exchange platform. Some of the exchange platforms at the time of this writing include Coinbase Pay, Transak, MoonPay, and Wyre.

Look! Our MetaMask wallet :)

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