20+ Twitter Accounts Every Trader Should Follow.

Over the years, Twitter has grown to be a fundamental resource that every stock and crypto trader uses. With so many accounts to follow, which Twitter accounts are considered “useful”? When I started LKS, I had my team vet some accounts that to this day continue to publish breaking news.

Also, it’s also good to know that some of these Twitter account owners have strong ties to our Discord community, while some have their own Discord servers.

  1. chikahttps://twitter.com/chikatrades
  2. JE$US (a.k.a. Wall Street Jesus) – https://twitter.com/wallstjesus
  3. Johns Chartshttps://twitter.com/johnscharts
  4. Traderstewiehttps://twitter.com/traderstewie
  5. Ripsterhttps://twitter.com/ripster47
  6. PharmDhttps://twitter.com/Pharmdca
  7. emini tic tochttps://twitter.com/TicTocTick
  8. cybercash28https://twitter.com/MadMraket
  9. Option Alerthttps://twitter.com/OptionAlert
  10. IPODavehttps://twitter.com/IPODave
  11. Scott Redlerhttps://twitter.com/RedDogT3
  12. tradingBotNysehttps://twitter.com/tradingbotnyse
  13. Benhttps://twitter.com/PatternProfits
  14. Puru Saxenahttps://twitter.com/saxena_puru
  15. Ophir Gottliebhttps://twitter.com/OphirGottlieb
  16. Software Stack Investinghttps://twitter.com/StackInvesting
  17. TML Traderhttps://twitter.com/TMLTrader
  18. IThttps://twitter.com/IncredibleTrade
  19. Adventures in Financial Independencehttps://twitter.com/adventuresinfi
  20. Yates Investinghttps://twitter.com/yatesinvesting
  21. TrendSpiderhttps://twitter.com/TrendSpider

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