🐢 Relational TA with Andy & Fadel.

Spot Hidden Accumulation

Great for members who want to learn how to read and understand price volume patterns.

You Will

Learn Relational Technical Analysis and Wyckoff’s Methodology and receive periodic alerts on stocks that have underlying hidden accumulation.

You Want

Exposure to small cap stocks with the ability to better time market entries using cycle analysis and spot hidden accumulation from “smart” market participants.

Analyze with TC2000

Leverage the power of TC2000 by using their proprietary leading indicators and scanners.

Leading Indicators

Learn how to use leading indicators and spot supply and demand zones to determine ideal entry and exits.

Andy's Background.

  • 37-year-old professional trader.
  • Family of five; church leader.
  • Long career in finance:
    • State Street Bank, Chase Bank, Merrill Lynch.
    • Wittlin Capital Group.
      • 3B+ AUM global macro hedge fund.
  • Started trading 8+ years ago.
    • Professional analyst on another trading site for 2+ years.

Fadel's Background.

  • 31-year-old professional trader.
  • Husband and father.
  • A career in business continuity for banks:
    • JPMorgan Chase, Sears Financial, Scotiabank.
  • Owner of fast-food restaurants.
    • Located in 🇨🇦 Ottawa, Canada.
  • Started trading 6+ years ago.
    • Professional analyst on another trading site for 2+ years.

Trading Styles.

  • Using the Wyckoff Methodology, I search for stocks that are currently in the institutional accumulation phase.
  • Using relational technical analysis to look for best patterns of price and volume to determine current directional bias.
  • Use leading indicators and supply and demand zones to determine best entry and exits.
  • Analyze across multiple macro and micro timeframes to get a holistic picture.


  • Run an accumulation scan to provide the best daily stock setups.
  • Using relational technical analysis, I manually scour and handpick the best plays from the scan.
  • Provide charts with clear expectations of targets, stops, and supply and demand zones.
  • Select alerts included in Gold All Access tier

VIP Room - What You'll Learn.

  • Weekly learning sessions regarding my strategies and methodologies (with Q&A).
  • Establish a foundation of basic technical analysis.
  • Daily discussion and review of the current market as well as what is moving in individual sectors.
  • Take specific chart requests.
  • Maintain a current watchlist of stocks with hidden accumulation and setups for higher.