12 Websites Every Trader Should Use.

The internet can be a very resourceful or unimaginative place to be. Depending on how you use it for trading, you can make or break it—now trading through the internet? It’s a whole new world. From the information that you’ll get to make an educated decision on whether or not to trade a ticker, is a question that remains to be answered, well… for yourself anyways.

In this article, we’ll cover 12 websites that every trader should use, from research tools to market news.

  1. FinViz
    • Stock screener and insider trading activities.
  2. Investopedia
    • Various indicators and an encyclopedia of the market.
  3. Earnings Whispers
    • Upcoming earnings calendar and sentiments.
  4. TradingView
    • Largest charting and technical analysis platform.
  5. Stocktwits
    • Great for the retail sentiment. Also known as Twitter for stocks!
  6. Barchart.com
    • Real-time market data and unusual option activities.
  7. BioPharmCatalyst
    • Biotech catalyst calendar.
  8. The New York Times
    • General news. On-the-ground, expert, and deeply reported independent journalism.
  9. Bloomberg
    • General news. The global leader in business and financial data, news, and insights.
  10. SeekingAlpha
    • The world’s largest investing community. Powered by the wisdom and diversity of crowdsourcing.
  11. Investing.com
    • Has a very solid economic calendar. A financial markets platform providing real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news, and analysis across 250 exchanges around the world.
  12. SHIFT
    • Easily see what is trading for today. Simplify “market noise” and convert it to clear trade-able market language.

Disclosure: I, my company, or partners may get commissions when you click through some of the links in this article.

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