Bakedpotato 1:1 Mentorship

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Hi, I’m Bryan otherwise known as Bakedpotato! I was born and raised in Texas and am currently a full-time trader with 4+ years of experience residing in Houston. I primarily day/swing trade options using technical analysis consisting of fibs, pitchforks, volume profile, candlestick/price, action reading, and reading The Strat to give me an edge in the market.

I’ve spent countless hours staring at charts, learning about different strategies and tools/indicators so I know my fair share of what I personally think is reliable amongst the plethora of technical analyzers one can use. Strategies that I implement allow me to find entries that emphasize great risk to reward trades.

Topics I can cover:

  1. Technical Analysis
    • Charting
      • Basics.
    • Market Internals
    • Momentum
      • Intraday.
    • Technical Indicators
      • Fibonacci Extensions.
    • Trading Signals
  2. Fundamental Analysis
    • Sectors and Industries
  3.  Management
    • Position & Cash Management
    • Risk Management
  4. Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
    • Trading Plans

Additional information

Topics for Mentorship

Charting, Market Internals, Momentum, Personal Strategies, Position & Cash Management, Risk Management, Sectors and Industries, Technical Indicators, Trading Plans, Trading Signals


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