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Hello, I’m Wanderer! I’ve been actively investing in the markets since 2018, started trading derivative products in 2019, and went full-time trading as a prop fund trader in 2022. I spent the majority of my time trading crypto derivatives 2018 – 2021 and have transitioned into US Future markets as of 2022 focusing on the E-Mini Nasdaq 100 and E-Mini S&P 500.

I rely 90% on technical analysis to execute my trade ideas and implement the price action strategies I’ve accumulated. I am a huge advocate for ICT concepts and have been a student of his through his 2022 ICT Mentorship. Trading and the financial markets are my passion.

I’m a firm believer that the best way to advance your learning is through teaching others after you have spent enough time on your own learning. I want to share my experience with others and help anyone who is willing to go down this path. I understand the difficulties new traders may face as they remain an ongoing challenge in my career.

As a prop fund trader, I am required to follow very strict trading rules in order to protect my account from termination. This means I typically risk no more than 0.50 – <1% of the account per trade. In order to become profitable as a prop fund trader I have gone through countless blown accounts and overcame many tough losses.

I am equally invested in you as you are in me. Our success is mutual. When you become a consistent and profitable trader through my mentorship it also helps me practice discipline with my rules and strategy and learn more through teaching you.

Topics I can cover:

  1. Market
    • Market Structure
      • Higher Time Frame, Day, Week, Month Daily Bias, and Directional Trading.
  2. Technical Analysis
    • Price Action
      • Futures ES/NQ, Stocks, and Crypto Analysis.
  3.  Management
    • Position & Cash Management
      • Flat Lining Equity
    • Risk Management
      • Equity Growth – Growing Large Account.
  4. Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
      • Price Action strategies I use to execute in the market, ICT Concepts, SMC, Market Structure, DR/IDR, Price Imbalances, IPDA (Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm Theory) / Time-Based Analysis.
    • Rules of Behavior
      • Deep dive into your trade, reviewing strategies, trades, and PnL.
    • Trading Plans
      • Executing trading plan and accountability with a trading journal.
  5. Proprietary Trading
    • Prop Fund Evaluations
      • Proprietary fund evaluations, finding the risk and which prop funds are available to you.
    • Prop Fund Strategies
      • Deep dive into securing proprietary fund capital.

Additional information

Topics for Mentorship

Market Structure, Personal Strategies, Position & Cash Management, Price Action, Prop Fund Evaluations, Prop Fund Strategies, Risk Management, Rules of Behavior, Trading Plans


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