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Hello, I’m Wanderer! I’ve been actively investing in the markets since 2018, started trading derivative products in 2019, and went full-time trading as a prop fund trader in 2022. I spent the majority of my time trading crypto derivatives 2018 – 2021 and have transitioned into US Future markets as of 2022 focusing on the E-Mini Nasdaq 100 and E-Mini S&P 500.

I rely 90% on technical analysis to execute my trade ideas and implement the price action strategies I’ve accumulated. I am a huge advocate for ICT concepts and have been a student of his through his 2022 ICT Mentorship. Trading and the financial markets are my passion.

I’m a firm believer that the best way to advance your learning is through teaching others after you have spent enough time on your own learning. I want to share my experience with others and help anyone who is willing to go down this path. I understand the difficulties new traders may face as they remain an ongoing challenge in my career.

As a prop fund trader, I am required to follow very strict trading rules in order to protect my account from termination. This means I typically risk no more than 0.50 – <1% of the account per trade. In order to become profitable as a prop fund trader I have gone through countless blown accounts and overcame many tough losses.

I am equally invested in you as you are in me. Our success is mutual. When you become a consistent and profitable trader through my mentorship it also helps me practice discipline with my rules and strategy and learn more through teaching you.

Topics I can cover:

  1. Market
    • Market Structure
      • Higher Time Frame, Day, Week, Month Daily Bias, and Directional Trading.
  2. Technical Analysis
    • Price Action
      • Futures ES/NQ, Stocks, and Crypto Analysis.
  3.  Management
    • Position & Cash Management
      • Flat Lining Equity
    • Risk Management
      • Equity Growth – Growing Large Account.
  4. Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
      • Price Action strategies I use to execute in the market, ICT Concepts, SMC, Market Structure, DR/IDR, Price Imbalances, IPDA (Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm Theory) / Time-Based Analysis.
    • Rules of Behavior
      • Deep dive into your trade, reviewing strategies, trades, and PnL.
    • Trading Plans
      • Executing trading plan and accountability with a trading journal.
  5. Proprietary Trading
    • Prop Fund Evaluations
      • Proprietary fund evaluations, finding the risk and which prop funds are available to you.
    • Prop Fund Strategies
      • Deep dive into securing proprietary fund capital.

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Topics for Mentorship

Market Structure, Personal Strategies, Position & Cash Management, Price Action, Prop Fund Evaluations, Prop Fund Strategies, Risk Management, Rules of Behavior, Trading Plans

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  1. Chuckie D (verified owner)

    My first observation of @wanderer was during a platinum stream in early April. It was his ability to not only describe various trade set-ups, but also to explain the background on the current price action that compelled me to sign up for his mentorship program.

    My expectations for our first meeting were general; to receive some tips on trade set-ups and a few walk-throughs of his prior trades. It was NOTHING like that…

    First was the PowerPoint that outlined everything that he wanted to cover. The obvious topics were TA and development of bias, but his reach continued much further out to include Risk Management and Money Management. LoL – Money Management, come on, I don’t need that. This was absolutely NOT the typical Money Management discussion. This mentorship is not only about how to trade effectively, but also how to strategize your trading system to optimize your current financial goals and cash flow and trade efficiency.

    Ok enough of the pre-trading stuff…

    Wanderer is not vague, is not ambiguous or misleading. He has a genuine love for sharing his knowledge and there is so much enthusiasm as he shares his tactics and development processes. You can feel how much energy and enthusiasm he has as we walk through each example with extensive detail and background to each set-up. And yes, I interrupted him multiple times to ask him to re-examine a topic I was unclear.

    I had multiple follow-up questions after our meetings (I had 2 sessions) and he provides commentary and feedback on my analysis and trades.

    I highly recommend @wanderer…

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