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Hey all, I’m Austin. Currently a senior at Rutgers University with 5 years of investing and healthcare experience along with 4 years of trading experience. I focus on fundamental analysis-based day and swing trades along with value-style investing approaches mixed with my own criteria.

Topics I can cover:

  1. Fundamental Analysis
    • Financial Statements
    • Fundamental Concepts
      • Ranging from the market or economic cycle to the impact of economic data such as consumer sentiment on the market and sectors.
    • Sectors and Industries
      • Become fluent in various sectors and industries.
      • Some of the sectors and industries I’m most fluent in include healthcare, chemicals, materials, agriculture, commodities, energy, utilities, industrials, travel, cybersecurity, automotive, and software.
  2. Management
    • Portfolio Structuring
      • Learn how you can build a portfolio fit for your personal goals (income, growth, retirement, or recession-proof).
  3.  Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
      • Differentiation of trading psychology vs investing psychology.
      • Learn the fundamental-analysis mindset.
      • Trade and invest using back-tested investing criteria.
    • Rules of Behavior
      • Data analysis do’s and don’ts.

Additional information

Topics for Mentorship

Financial Statements, Fundamental Concepts, Personal Strategies, Portfolio Structuring, Rules of Behavior, Sectors and Industries


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