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Hi, my name is Alex and I’m based in Singapore. Full-time fitness coach by day and full-time futures and options trader by night.

My trading success humbly stems from countless hours of backtesting, meticulous reviewing of mistakes, and laser-focused screen time throughout my trading career, which has led me to fully recover my losses from the early days and build up a solid foundation to becoming a consistently profitable trader with a proven track record within 1 year. Simply put, I made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

During this mentorship, I will be sharing the perfect recipe and some of my personal strategies with the goal of helping you become efficient and self-sufficient in your trading journey. Whether you’re a beginner just here to learn the basics of trading or an advanced trader wanting to take your trading game to the next level, I provide tailor-made mentorship according to your level or goal. I mainly focus on Futures (ES & NQ) and Options (SPY, QQQ, AAPL, NVDA, TSLA, AMZN)

Topics I can cover:

  1. Market
    • Market Structure
  2. Technical Analysis
    • Charting
      • Specifically chart setups, support and resistance, supply and demand, and trendlines.
    • Price Action
    • Technical Indicators
  3. Management
    • Guidance
      • Thorough trade breakdown and summarization.
        • Most of my mentees benefitted from having a session to go through their mistakes and weaknesses from their past trades. It’s important for you to understand the reason you’re winning or losing if you want to take your trading to the next level. I’ll look through your past trades and advice accordingly to see how you can improve and prevent making the same mistake in your next trade.
    • Risk Management
      • Position sizing and optimal stop-loss placement.
  4. Psychology
    • Personal Strategies
    • Rules of Behavior
      • The do’s and don’ts when trading in the market.
    • Trading Plans
      • How you can create your own.
      • Planning for entries and exits and execution-style.

Additional information

Topics for Mentorship

Charting, Guidance, Market Structure, Personal Strategies, Price Action, Risk Management, Rules of Behavior, Technical Indicators, Trading Plans

2 reviews for ALEX 1:1 Mentorship

  1. Benny

    What makes Alex different from other mentors is his dedication. He genuinely cares about you as a person and WANTS to make you the best independent trader you can be. He answers any question that you have, there is no such thing as stupid question. It is understandable that sometimes you can be shy and afraid to ask questions but Alex really pushes you to open up because he personally can relate from his trading journey. I used to take trades that have no conviction behind them but thanks to Alex, I’m able to confidently say that ALL my trades have conviction.

  2. Terry Mork

    To be fair it is pretty hard to give Alex a simple paragraph testimonial, well here goes nothing for my first testimonial, which I am sure I will be writing another in the future, with more updates.

    Alex, is a very kind soul who genuinely cares about your success and learning. Initially, I took it as he’s naggy and complains to you about your bad habits. That’s actually good for some people since bad habits are extremely hard to break and you will need the moral support to help you through it. The everlasting burning candle that Alex provides is the sheer fact of his success along with his deduction and love for all members all around. As mentioned in a previous testimonial, which is what LKS is about.

    Alex alone though, continues to strive to help everyone, out of his way to help others and continuing to make sure everyone he talks to in the vip room has a chance to succeed just as he has. Some of the biggest key takeaways from Alex that I would personally have to highlight is his patience, love, dedication, and most of all selflessness that he heavily portrays upon his vip members.

    I cannot stress this enough when I say that most “analysts” will not give you this kind of dedication as Alex exemplifies on a daily basis. One of the biggest things is that he loves doing this for his members. He believes in all of us to succeed just as he has with his guidance, tender love and care, and careful mentoring. This alone is what drives him to elevate others and continue to push everyone he comes in touch with to the next stage. He brings us right up on stage with him to show us exactly his methods and strategies.

    Sometimes even at the end of the day the “daily recaps” he provides even helps others see what kind of mistakes they made themselves. For all members to see which also helps others to see and understand what goes through his mind while he is actually seeing the trade setups.

    The other fun part about Alex in Panda VIP is what we actually do within there. It’s another community within itself, where everyone there is striving to help one another, make sure everyone else is on the same page. Other times in there we have fun moments of random silliness which is great because sometimes too much seriousness can give you blinders to the chart.

    I can only say for sure that, once you understand how things are run inside and out of Panda VIP, you will understand how beautiful it truly is.

    Alex, I honestly have to say that I personally have deep respect for you with the things you do for us all. I know I personally am an extremely hard headed panda. But the fact that you are able to patiently work with me, teach me, guide me, and also spank us when needed (correct our mistakes, and give reason). This alone is the main reason why I have not left Panda VIP since then. I needed Alex and his teaching style in order to survive. This may not take a day, week, or months, but in due time, I will rewrite this review as a second part 2.

    Nevertheless, Alex you have shown that you are an extremely valuable role model across the entirety of LKS. I believe you have so much to offer and I never take those things for granted. If I had to change one thing in the current path I had taken before my own journey, it would be to stick to only LKS and Panda VIP when I first started.

    Thank you Alex for having the biggest heart and I know with your guidance, discipline, patience and help we will all one day become enlightened and successful each and every day.

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